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US-4622957-A: Therapeutic corset patent, US-4671625-A: Optical apparatus for producing a natural, viewable and optically interactive image in free space patent, US-4721731-A: Process for preparing expandable particles of vinyl chloride resin composition patent, US-4767137-A: Tube connecting device patent, US-4768138-A: Flashlight patent, US-4775266-A: Structure and method for deterring cutter roof failure patent, US-4917367-A: On-line tipping apparatus for a signature inserting machine patent, US-4936434-A: Viscous damper with means preventing sidewall deflection patent, US-4961383-A: Composite tungsten-steel armor penetrators patent, US-4984742-A: Container and pump assembly patent, US-5027436-A: Optical hybrid for coherent detection systems patent, US-5028304-A: Method of electrochemical machining of articles made of conducting materials patent, US-5035607-A: Fuel burner having an intermittent pilot with pre-ignition testing patent, US-5056786-A: Tennis ball retriever patent, US-5105552-A: Procedure and sliding support for a profilometer patent, US-5111694-A: Accelerometer with rebalance coil stress isolation patent, US-5112175-A: Screw hole plug patent, US-5114041-A: Inflatable life belt patent, US-5117600-A: Building structure having high blast and penetration resistance patent, US-5134676-A: Connector for fiber optics patent, US-5146485-A: X-ray examination apparatus patent, US-5162743-A: Method and apparatus for optimizing the electrical length of a signal flow path patent, US-5189366-A: Method and apparatus using a varying electromagnetic field for determining the nature, or a property of a non-metallic material patent, US-5255801-A: Free-standing merchandise display patent, US-5399123-A: Variable speed transmission patent, US-5408984-A: Two stage flame stabilization for a gas burner patent, US-5426957-A: Method of knitting a fabric having improved non-run and elasticity characteristics patent, US-5459268-A: Xanthylium dyes that are well retained in mitochondria patent, US-5499914-A: Kit for forming a three-dimensional decorative item patent, US-5503775-A: Method of preventing yellow metal corrosion in aqueous systems with superior corrosion performance in reduced environmental impact patent, US-5548464-A: Electronic motor protection apparatus patent, US-5566419-A: Windshield wiper system for curved windshields patent, US-5580333-A: Automatic transmission control system for automobiles patent, US-5631666-A: Display-integrated type tablet device patent, US-5668071-A: Piezoelectric porcelain patent, US-5740708-A: Suction microtome, particularly for histological work and the like patent, US-5775497-A: Portable cradle for a personal computer patent, US-5790889-A: Method of selecting pointing device in a computer comprising responsive to a reconfiguration event, indentifying all connected pointing devices and selecting one of the devices patent, US-5807850-A: Therapeutic agent for osteoporosis and triazepine compound patent, US-5824331-A: Bioartificial devices and cellular matrices therefor patent, US-5842295-A: Ironing machine having an iron and a stand patent, US-5847945-A: Processes, device for producing a high voltage and installation for electrostatic spraying of a coating product patent, US-5904780-A: Plasma processing apparatus patent, US-5931534-A: Child pacification device patent, US-5979141-A: Wrapping device for large round baler including holder for spare roll of web wrapping material patent, US-5995811-A: Radio loop-back test method and system which are reliable even in the presence of outside interference patent, US-5996817-A: Tool suspension rack assembly patent, US-6127905-A: Dielectric filter and method for adjusting bandpass characteristics of same patent, US-6195017-B1: User interactive display for batting cage with pitch height indicator lamps and strike zone patent, US-6233849-B1: Snowshoe with a rigid central deck member patent, US-6297697-B2: Methods and apparatus for noise shaping a mixed signal power output patent, US-6297785-B1: Operation of a plurality of visual display units from one screen controller patent, US-6634807-B1: Optical transmission system including performance optimization patent, US-6639240-B2: Photosemiconductor device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-3779261-A: Method and apparatus for mixing fluids patent, US-3835462-A: Fishing rod beeper patent, US-3942708-A: Liquid and air tight package patent, US-4149716-A: Bionic apparatus for controlling television games patent, US-4183596-A: Two way travel drawer slide patent, US-4472017-A: Tab receptacle terminal patent, US-4485495-A: Disposable cap for newborn baby patent, US-4525124-A: Balanced stress vertical axis wind turbine patent, US-4563645-A: Inductively balanced oscillatory coil current for metal detection patent, US-4566180-A: Method and apparatus for placing coils and intermediate insulators in cores patent, US-4584973-A: Internal combustion engine patent, US-4665316-A: Photovoltaic relay switch patent, US-4683948-A: Enhanced oil recovery process employing carbon dioxide patent, US-4710051-A: Device for fastening a closed casing patent, US-4738567-A: Compliant jacket for offshore drilling and production platform patent, US-4916062-A: Enzyme, its method of production and its application to the preparation of methyl N-(L-aspartyl-1) L-phenylalaninate patent, US-4967067-A: Signal read-out circuit which lowers diffusion capacitance by limiting emitting current with resistive elements patent, US-5011511-A: Grinding tool patent, US-5022728-A: Device composed of a light guide plate patent, US-5023875-A: Interlaced scan fault detection system patent, US-5046456-A: Illuminated collar patent, US-5075733-A: Web cleaning device for cleaning toner off an image member patent, US-5121681-A: Extendible book shelf patent, US-5153826-A: Sports statistics calculator patent, US-5165527-A: Chain conveyor patent, US-5166682-A: Ground proximity warning instrument utilizing glideslope modulation of excessive descent rate envelope patent, US-5177781-A: Dialing pulse signature recognizing method and device patent, US-5207373-A: Remailable postcard card patent, US-5235145-A: Elevator with linear motor drive assembly patent, US-5255882-A: Setting device with a nut controllable by a spindle patent, US-5319529-A: Clipped on marker for use with adjustment linkage for a vehicle headlamp patent, US-5346237-A: Bicycle frame consisted of carbon fiber frame tubes and metal connectors patent, US-5353542-A: Apparatus and methods for trapping insects patent, US-5411752-A: Pasta-based food product patent, US-5457975-A: Removable locking cylinder patent, US-5466342-A: Suction roll in a twin-wire zone of a web former and a twin-wire web former patent, US-5500899-A: Secure voice conferencing apparatus patent, US-5509854-A: Combine elevator system patent, US-5542145-A: Windshield wiper system having a wiper blade capable of retraction for hidden park patent, US-5598236-A: Camera using a film having a magnetic recording portion patent, US-5630737-A: Junction connector for permanently connecting electrical cables patent, US-5708100-A: Epoxy-based stoving enamels comprising carboxyl-functional alkylidenepolyphenols patent, US-5714228-A: Ceramic catalytic converter substrate patent, US-5812884-A: Closing light lock of film cartridge breaks anti-backup pawl for film winder wheel in one-time-use camera, to prevent unauthorized reuse patent, US-5828454-A: Optical heterodyne interferometer for measurement of ocular displacement patent, US-5952166-A: Enhanced sensitivity from thiolone dioxides in cubic silver chloride emulsions with sharp corners patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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